An example, using the dialler to call: +13052241018


1) Choose your country.

2) Enter your number.

3) Select your date.

(We provide the current time pre-populated. Adjust from there)


4) Redirected to Success or Failure

If you make it here, your call has been placed.

Now is a good time to double check your number and date/time is correct.




Additional) Example emergency number entered below.

(If you have chosen Call Confirmation)


If you are using an emergency number and it is in the same country, you can enter the number as shown.
Should it be in a different country than the original number used. Please specify this in your number.

E.g If it was for the United Kingdom. +443052241018 or 443052241018 would both work.




Additional) Timezone and default time.


We pull the timezone from your browser. This is usually set directly on your computer or cellphone.

However you can change it on the site by CLICKING on the time. This will pop up the following options as shown below.

Each increment will increase/decrease the timezone by 30 mins.


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